Secret Safe – The teambuilding of 2021 on App. From €3,99 p.p. English



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Secret Safe is played at home (or physically elsewhere) with each other. This is the latest 2021 game on the App full of challenges, questions, escapes and riddles. Super fun and innovative!

  • Play this game with your friends, family or colleagues. Available in Dutch and English. Game duration approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • For optimal competition you buy 2 or more tickets, so each group or person gets 1 ticket.
  • Fight with and against each other. Which team will get the best score?
  • This game is a kind of escape game, try to complete 4 levels an crack the safe!!
  • Easy to play on your own smartphone. Our App can be downloaded from Google play and the App store (so Android and iPhone friendly). After purchasing you will receive a QR code and the Secret Safe playing card and the game can begin.

The Secret Safe game can be expanded from 20 people with drink packages and/or guidance. Contact us for the possibilities an prices: 085 – 130 17 14  or




Play alone, with your family, friends or colleagues. or play in a competition and buy more tickets. See who had the fastest time afterwards and give them a nice reward. how? simply by video calling each other with Skype, ZOOM, Ms Teams or WhatsApp and start the App at the same time.

Secret Safe is a fun and challenging game consisting of various levels, questions, assignments, puzzles and clues. By working out each assignment right, you will get closer to the solution. Do you know how to crack the safe in time?

How do you play competition:

  • Determine the number of teams, a team has 1 to 3 participants (our advice).
  • Every team buys 1 ticket and downloads it on his/her smartphone in the App Store or Google Play. A team (family/friends/colleagues) is physically together.
  • The App can be shared on ZOOM or MS Teams so others can participate remotely, however the responsibility for sharing and the functioning of the App is your responsibility. If the settings are not correct, the sound or image will not be shared properly for example. So pay attention to this and do this if you are familiar with video call settings. Or just buy 1 ticket per team or per person who are physically together.
  • For optimal results, you buy 1 ticket for each person. then 2 or 3 people can work together in 1 team. The game is difficult so others can help smartly with their own ticket.
  • Play against each other. So group 1 plays at home, group 2 at the office and group 3 elsewhere. Then make a video connection with each other and start the game!
  • Determine an exact start time with all teams, perhaps first a plenary talk in a ZOOM or MS Teams meeting. then start Secret Safe on the App and play for example in a maximum of 1.5 hours. The team that finishes first reports to the plenary room and wins!
  • Guidance from us is possible, pleasant and at additional cost. But is not mandatory.