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Play online with your family or friends or compete against them or colleagues in this unique quiz on the App! The quiz contains 9 rounds with 100 questions, puzzle and picture and video assignments. Your phone is the quizmaster. It doesn’t matter where you are: On the couch or at the office, the quiz can be played anywhere!!

The game includes:

  • QR-code by which the game can be downloaded on a smartphone.
  • 100 different questions, puzzles and riddles.
  • Live scores.
  • Choice between Dutch or English.

The quiz can be custom made especially for you and/or let us guide you trough MS Teams or Zoom

More details around it, your own questions in the quiz, our online quiz master or an extra drink package?

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Play this Quiz individual, together with your family or friends. Or buy more tickets and play in against eachother in a competition. See who has scored the most and give them a reward. How?  Simply by video calling each other with Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Teams. Start the App together and go through the 9 rounds at your own pace.


Nine rounds, 100 assignments => 100 points. You can determine your own pace and breaks, this way the quiz can take 1,5 hours or even more. The nine rounds are visible below with an approximate time between the brackets. Because every question or puzzle has a time limit, you will end up with 10 minutes in round 1 (for example). So if you start a question (on your own request), 30 seconds (for example) will start to expire.


  1. Complete 20 general multiple choice questions about history, culture, science, etc. (10 minutes)
  2. Picture round; Guess the names of 10 famous international cities (5 minutes)
  3. Find the relations; 5 difficult puzzles with words and/or pictures. Match the right couples with each other (10 minutes)
  4. Complete 20 multiple choice questions about daily subjects (10 minutes)
  5. Complete 10 tough riddles and math puzzles (15 minutes)
  6. Music & film round; Do you know the correct answers to 5 different music and film fragments.
  7. Spelling and language; How do you spell certain words and find the correct anagrams and synonyms (2.5 minutes)
  8. Picture round; Guess the names of the 10 different pictures with cryptic descriptions (5 minutes)
  9. Slot round; anything and everything, the BONUS round with 10 questions and puzzles (10 minutes)