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Ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands: Klik hier voor tickets


Play this fun quiz with 4 people and pay only €4.99 per person!

Do you know everything about Holland? Play this fun quiz entirely on the App. With original and unique questions, puzzles and riddles. Sharing the App via teams is easy.

This Game includes:

  • QR-code with which the quiz can be downloaded on the App
  • 100 questions, puzzles and riddles all about Holland.
  • Choice between Dutch and English.


For companies and individuals: Who doesn’t love Holland!

  • Play the I love Holland Quiz with your company, department team, business unit, family, sports team or entire staff association.
  • This Holland Quiz is also great for bachelorette groups, schools and groups of friends.

How does is work for 1 team (e.g. 1 family, 1 department, a small company or group)

  • Determine a date, time and a location such as your home or at the office, or perhaps at a campsite or holiday park or even in a pub. It can be played nationally and internationally
  • Buy the Quiz at our webshop, you will receive a unique QR code from us. Download this QR code on our unique App MooveGo. The code can be used once and is active for 72 hours after download (activation).
  • Play this game in approximately 1.5 to 2 hours (with breaks in between if desired), try to complete as many of the 100 assignments as possible.
  • Each assignment is a question, photo/music/video assignment or puzzle. Complete this within the time limit(each time a time bar runs down from, for example, 30 seconds) and score points!

How it works for multiple teams (tips for competitions with tens, hundreds or thousands of participants).

  • Determine the number of teams, for example: 10 families across the country, 250 teams in a company (playing at home), 40 teams in a school, 5 friend teams or 25 sports teams.
  • Suppose you want to involve your staff in a fun event, then give each staff member 1 QR code and motivate them to play at home with 1 to 3 fellow team members (perhaps a partner, family member, children, a neighbour or colleague visiting).
  • Create a group WhatsApp or play with Google Meet, MS Teams or ZOOM.
  • Determine a date, time and location, for example everyone at home or at work. or maybe on vacation or in a pub or meeting location.
  • Buy multiple tickets at our webshop, you will receive unique tickets. then distribute the QR codes among the participants in the Group WhatsApp. Of course we also provide a good explanation.
  • Each team member downloads 1 unique QR code on our App,  each code can be used once and is active for 72 hours after download.
  • Play the 9 rounds in a total of 2 hours for example (with 1 or 2 breaks in between if desired), and try to score as many points as possible with your team..
  • When all rounds have been completed, you will find the final score on the App. Share it, the team with the highest score wins! TIP: Give them a nice reward.

What do you need:

  • At least 1 QR code for each team.
  • For each team 1 smartphone 1 smartphone wit at least Android 9 or iOS12 operating system (most smartphones have this nowadays).
  • If you play with more people in one team (usually the case) They can use their phones to look up answers. You can forbid it, although this is very difficult to check.
  • If you want to play a competition a video connection with ZOOM, MS Teams or Google Meet for more interaction.
  • And of course a good dose of Dutch humour, a great memory and some common sense!

** Extra services

Optionally, we ensure that everyone receives the QR code and we can send every participant or team a snack package at home in advance. Think of a snack package with wine, beer, nuts, chips, chocolate, etc.. We can also provide the quiz master role and  follow the quiz live with MS Teams or Zoom. It’s also possible that we send the winner a reward. So let yourself completely unburdened and book the extra services via our contact form.