Crazy88 – Best teambuilding English



Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands


Let go of your inner child fot a moment

Do you still know Crazy88 from 2008 from BNN? Or perhaps do you know the tv program ”minute to win it”? Complete as many of the 88 assignments as possible within the time limit. From the couch at home, a meeting room at the office or at the pub: it doesn’t matter where you are. You will need a good dose of guts, creativity and humour! Do you dare?


This game includes:

  • QR-code with which the game can be downloaded on your smartphone.
  • 88 awesome assignments.
  • Choice between Dutch and English.

The game can be custom made especially for you and/or let us guide you through MS Teams or ZOOM

More content around it, own assignments, our  game master or an extra drink package?

Contact ur for the options and prices: 085 – 130 17 14  or




Play with your familie or friends the Crazy88 game. Or play in a competition and buy more tickets. See who has completed the most assignments at the end and give them a price. How? Symply by video calling each other with Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Teams. Start the App together and complete as much assingments in 1 or 2 hours, for example.


A total of 88 awesome assignments. Determine your own pace and breaks. the 88 assignments are very diverse and you or your team has to decide which ones to do. So something for everyone… The assignments have been specially developed for the home garden and kitchen enviroment. A few examples are:


  • Eat a hot pepper or a raw egg. PS: for kids, give them something they don’t like.
  • Tell a funny short joke.
  • Turn 88 rounds in a row.
  • Sing the national anthem.
  • Imitate a woodlouse in distress.
  • Make someone a mummy.
  • Imitate a famous person
  • Make a picture of everyone jumping in the air.

You can see that after this this crazy88 you will have a lot of crazy photos and videos. Super fun for later!! And of course privacy is paramount, the photos/videos are stored on your own phone (not in our database)