City Walk Amsterdam


  • The cheapest City Walk of 2022! Because prices are from €3,99 per person.
  • Discover beautiful Amsterdam on foot and complete the 50 challenges in our app.
  • Walk alone or together. Within 2 hours the app guides you through the city. The City Walk Amsterdam is about 6 kilometres.
  • Your ticket has a validation of 4 months after purchase, therefore you decide when and where you start.
  • Ticket prices are including VAT and can’t be returned.
  • City Walk Amsterdam is perfect for families, friends and teambuilding.

Buy a ticket for €19.95. When you play with 5 people on one phone, you only pay €3,99 per person. TIP: Surprise someone with a Fun Tochten Nederland giftcard!


You decide where City Walk Amsterdam starts and ends. Corona proof and 365 days a year. 

City Walk Amsterdam is a great corona proof way to discover the city 365 days a year. After activating the app, you have 72 hours to complete all 50 questions and challenges. Combine the city walk with a museum stop or visit a nice restaurant, make it your own unique day!

What to expect?

By using an app on your own smartphone, you experience and discover the city in about 2 hours by following the flags. To complete City Walk Amsterdam solve all 40 puzzles and questions and capture some memories with the 10 photo and video challenges.

Time is ticking! When you press start the clock starts ticking, so complete the challenges within the time and get the highest score! Add a competition element by ranking the highest scores of the participating teams.

Highlights City Walk Amsterdam.

Walk along the most beautiful sights and discover what the city has to offer:

  • The 9 Streets
  • Begijnhof
  • The Dam
  • Westerchurch
  • The Amstel
  • Rijksmuseum
  • The Old Church
Purchase City Walk Amsterdam for 1 or multiple smartphones at the same time.

City Walk Amsterdam guides you and your team through the city in 6 kilometres. Per team you will need one smartphone with the app and the game. To increase the involvement, teams of 3 or 4 people are recommended. All you need is a smartphone with Android 9 or iOS 12 (or higher).

Are you looking for a customized City Walk please contact our office for more information and the options.

How to purchase and when can we start?

Choose your number of tickets ‘in  Winkelmand’. Click on the shopping cart in the top right corner. Check the number of tickets and click ‘doorgaan naar afrekenen’. Fill in your details and pay with iDeal.

Tickets are automatically sent daily, also in the weekends, evenings and during holidays.