Christmas quiz



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Every year we celebrate it, but how much do you actually know about Christmas? Test your knowledge with the Christmas quiz. The quiz consist of 9 different rounds with 100 questions, puzzels and photo and video assignments in the theme ‘winter and Christmas’. Your Smartphone is the Quizmaster. It doesn’t matter where you are: At the office or at home on the couch, the quiz can be played anywhere!


The game includes:

  • QR-code with which the Christmas quiz can be downloaded on a smartphone.
  • Nine rounds with 100 diverse questions, puzzles and riddles, all with a winter touch
  • Live scores.
  • Available in Dutch and English.


The Christmas quiz can be custom made especially for you and/or let us guide you through MS Teams or ZOOM.

More content around it, your own questions, our quiz master or an extra drink package?

Please contact us for the possibilities and prices: 085 – 130 17 14  or


A Merry quizmas!




The Christmas quiz offered by Fun Tochten Nederland consist of a hundred varied and challenging puzzles, questions and photo and video assignments. As with many the purpose of the quiz is to score as many points as possible.

Play the Christmas quiz now, with colleagues or compete against other departments within the company. Or how about challenging grandma and grandpa, just because you can!


Nine rounds, 100 assignments and up to 2 hours of fun

  • There are 9 rounds in total. The first round are twenty general multiple choice questions about Christmas.
  • During the second round, ten photos of well-known international cities pass by. Can you guess which cities they are?
  • Round three is a bit more difficult. There will be 5 puzzles with words and/or pictures.
  • Since we already had 20 multiple choice questions, round four will be followed with 20 questions about daily subjects.
  • Were 5 tough puzzles not enough? Of course not! during the fifth round we will test your math and riddling skills again with ten puzzles..
  • Can you give the correct answer about five different Christmas music and movie clips in round six? We are curious..
  • How do you spell those Christmas words again? Round seven is a fast spelling and language round with 15 seconds on average per assignment, so hardly any time to google.
  • In round eight, you have to guess of ten different photos using cryptic descriptions.
  • Not scored enough points yet? No worries, the last round is all sort of things with ten bonus questions and puzzles.